Educating the Whole Person

For nearly 500 years, Jesuits have developed future leaders through their educational programs.

As a Jesuit institution, Le Moyne bases its business education on the Ignatian pedagogical paradigm of context-experience-reflection-action: students build their foundational business knowledge, have experiences that put that knowledge into context and, in guided reflection, discuss lessons learned from individual experiences and those of their peers. The goal is to prepare for leadership in a complex, uncertain and challenging world.

The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne consists of seven business majors – accounting, business analytics, finance, human resource management, information systems, management and leadership, and marketing – and master's degree programs in business administration, information systems and taxation.

The faculty members of the Madden School of Business are called to action by social, economic and environmental forces that require them to plan thoughtfully and carefully about the future of Jesuit business education and of our students.

Our commitment to academic rigor and service to and for others prepares students for meaningful and productive careers as managers and professionals, imbuing them with the ability and drive to understand, reflect upon, and act as leaders in providing critical goods and services and addressing the most pressing issues of our times. Our intent is to make "educating the whole person" both an end in itself and a means to becoming valued contributors and leaders.

Why a Jesuit Business Education?

Le Moyne alumnus and David McCallum '90, S.J. speaks about the Jesuits role at the College and what experience it provides the students.

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