Cultivating Expertise, Promoting Scholarship and Fostering Learning

The Madden College of Business & Economics is home to six undergraduate majors, a master’s degree program in business administration and certificate programs in health care leadership, health information systems and government contracting. It utilizes three overarching Centers of Excellence—each charged with cultivating expertise, promoting scholarship and fostering learning opportunities within specific fields that provide the intellectual anchor and the organizational framework for the Madden College of Business & Economics.


The Savage-McGill Center for Reflective Leadership

Great leaders are self-aware. They observe the world around them carefully. They remain flexible in the face of forces beyond their control. At the Savage-McGill Center for Reflective Leadership, these are precisely the kinds of leaders we seek to nurture. Rooted in nearly 500 years of Jesuit tradition, the Center has cultivated a dynamic array of programs, initiatives, and educational opportunities designed to nurture a generation of leaders who are as committed to people and planet as they are to profits. Put simply, we believe that doing well begins with doing good.

The Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity

The Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity at 新加坡六合彩官网 is a vibrant eco-system, bridging the College of Arts and Sciences and the Madden College of Business & Economics, and helps students and the community identify their dreams, and turn them into reality. Playing an active role on and off campus, the Keenan Center is a beacon for the creative, innovative, and those looking to change the world. We’re seeking dreamers with open eyes, and we’re ready to build, together. .


The Hetterich Center for Global Engagement and Impact

This Center will create an awareness of and an ongoing connectedness to global developments, issues, and insights. A key component of its activities will be fostering a sense of global citizenship and inspiring a search for common ground, while respecting differences among diverse societies. In this way, it will reflect the spirit of the Society of Jesus whose international outreach since its founding has been rooted in flexible knowledge-gathering and gaining a deep understanding of a rapidly changing world. The core value for this center is that of respectful mutuality.

Poland Jesuit Center for Research and Teaching Innovation

Named for Walter ’66 and the late MaryAnne Poland, the Poland Jesuit Center for Research and Teaching Innovation was founded in 2021 to build the intellectual infrastructure and faculty capacity, skills, and knowledge needed to strengthen the research culture within the Madden College of Business & Economics. The Center focuses on innovation and thought leadership with an eye toward deepening global engagement and societal impact. It honors the College’s Ignatian roots as it builds the intellectual infrastructure necessary to strengthen the culture of research within the Madden School and forge partnerships across the community and around the world.

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