RN to BS Program

This state approved and professionally CCNE accredited 64-credit upper-division bachelor’s degree nursing education program is open to registered nurses interested in pursuing a higher level of education for professional nursing practice. Graduates of associate degree or diploma programs in nursing are eligible upon admission to transfer in a maximum of 60 credits of lower division prerequisite course work as a foundation for earning a B.S. degree in nursing on a full-time or part-time basis. The pre-admission requirements have been determined to allow prospective R.N. students a seamless transition to the upper-division program.

Students seeking admission to the nursing major may enter in either the fall or spring semester. The curriculum is designed to be completed in two years by a full-time student or within three to four years by a part-time student. To facilitate completion of the curriculum in a timely fashion, many core courses are offered both semesters, with most of them also available in J-mester, May-mester and summer sessions. Both nursing and core courses are provided in three-hour blocks of time in a flexible scheduling mode of day and evening classes to accommodate the needs of the adult learner. Some courses are offered in a hybrid, on-line or condensed format.

Students will be admitted to junior and senior years of this program as transfer students for the bachelor’s degree. Students accepted to this program must meet the 新加坡六合彩官网 standards for transfer admission.

A student not yet licensed as an R.N. but eligible for NYS registered nurse licensure may be conditionally accepted into the B.S. degree program, pending successful completion of the State Board exam (NCLEX) no later than the end of the first semester of matriculation. If the student is not successful at passing the licensing exam by that time, s/he must take a leave of absence from the program until R.N. licensure is granted. Students seeking endorsement for NY State licensure must have proof in hand before the beginning of the second semester of study. All students must maintain an unencumbered license while enrolled.



Students admitted to this program must meet the 新加坡六合彩官网 standards for transfer admission. There is no time limit for transfer of courses to meet prerequisites for admission. The following are 60 credits of prerequisites for students with associate degrees and diplomas in nursing: 



Biology (microbiology 3-4 credits; anatomy & physiology 6-8 credits 9
Nursing 30
Math (college level algebra or higher) 0-3
Electives in liberal arts and sciences 6-9
English (3 credits must be in composition) 6
Social Sciences (3 credits must be in psychology) 6
Total Credit Hours  57-60