Why a Global Affairs Degree from Le Moyne?

Increasingly, we live in a global society, one where the role of nations and their traditional alliances are becoming blurred as issues and concerns transcend national boundaries. At the same time, complex developments, such as immigration, global climate change, refugees, and terrorism, are changing the global landscape. As a student in the global affairs program, you will learn how the interaction between governments, cultures, and societies impacts our global community and your place in it. You will explore how concepts of justice and peace are linked in the world context to issues of economics, labor relations, the environment, gender, family, law, human rights, communications, and cultures. You will learn to be a nimble and critical thinker, which will help you understand the world and respond to it in an informed and engaged way.

Program Highlights

The purpose of the Global Affairs (GLA) major is to provide students with the relevant knowledge to understand the origins, challenges, and ethical problems of the contemporary world through a social justice lens. To build expertise in a variety of global issues and their social justice implications, the program progressively builds knowledge about global politics, society, economics, and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. The GLA program provides five concentrations: General Studies, Middle East & North Africa, Global Business, Global Crime, and Global Cybersecurity.

Students in this interdisciplinary program will learn how to connect knowledge of global politics, society, economics, and culture. GLA students will be encouraged to expand their understanding of world languages and cultures, study ethics and social justice issues, and apply their knowledge directly through internship and study abroad programs.

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What Can I Do with a Degree in Global Affairs?

A degree in Global Affairs prepares students for careers in government service and non-governmental organizations and to pursue graduate studies and professional training in law, management, and public policy. Some fields in which global affrairs graduates work include:  

  • Diplomacy
  • Public Policy
  • Cybersecurity
  • Journalism
  • Law Enforcement
  • Nonprofit Work
  • International Business and Finance
  • Economic Development

Degree Options

Global Affairs students have the option of pursuing the Global Affairs General Studies Concentration or concentrating in one of the following areas of study: the Middle East and North Africa, Global Business, Global Crime, or Global Cybersecurity.

Distinctive Courses: War, Peace and Violence, Global Crime, Anthropology of Refugees, International Courts and Global Justice (study abroad)
Politics and Culture in Tunisia (study abroad)