Why a Degree in Spanish from 新加坡六合彩官网?

Do you think of yourself as the ideal candidate for the job of your dreams? Do you speak Spanish? You are much more likely to land your ideal job if you are bilingual. Whether you plan to be a nurse, a social worker, a teacher, a business person, Spanish is an essential asset for success in these professions. Consider these facts:

  • Spanish is the official language of twenty one countries, and it is the language that most people speak in the world after English and Mandarin
  • Spanish, in combination with English, is the language that increases the communication capacity of its speakers in the international arena
  • Spanish occupies the fourth position in the institutional field of the European Union and the third in the UN system
  • The percentage of participation of Spanish-speaking countries as a whole in world scientific production has been growing steadily since 1996

Le Moyne's Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures will give you high-level, diverse courses taught in areas such as conversation and composition, introduction to literature, Spanish for Business and more – expanding your personal and professional opportunities.

Program Highlights

World language studies at Le Moyne aim to acquaint students with a language, culture and civilization different from their own. As part of their program of study, Spanish majors are required to spend a semester abroad, as well as take the Oral Proficiency Interview, a linguistic competence test developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Le Moyne also offers a  for those looking to teach Spanish to others. Students will not only learn the language, but explore all aspects of the Spanish culture.

The World Languages and Education Departments also offer a Five-Year Program leading to a in Spanish and Adolescent Education.

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What Can I Do With a Spanish Degree?

Our graduates have gone on to flourish in such areas as interpretation, education, translation, human relations, government, social services and more, as well as further expanding their knowledge by continuing on to graduate programs. Proficiency in Spanish expands students’ career prospects, especially when combined with political science, business and marketing, international relations, criminology, law, health care, and education. 

Spanish Degree Options

B.A. in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science for Teachers in Spanish and Adolescent Education

French and Spanish Language & Literature Minor

Distinctive Courses: Spanish Women Writers; Poetas Espanoles En Nueva York; Spanish for Business; Spanish-American Civilization; Spanish for Heritage Speakers