About the Forensic Science 4+1 Program

The 4+1 Forensic Science Degree Program with Syracuse University provides guaranteed admission to the of Syracuse University following completion of a bachelor’s degree in Biology or Chemistry at Le Moyne. Students in the program receive a bachelor’s degree from Le Moyne and a master’s degree from Syracuse University.  

Program Highlights

  • Unlike many forensic science programs with a basis in criminal justice, this program is based in chemistry and places a strong emphasis on the study of science for forensic applications.
  • Courses are taught by professionals active in their respective fields. You will be exposed to current practices and theories by the same people who are actively researching and applying these concepts.
  • Designed with input from forensic science professionals, the M.S. program features specialized courses developed and taught by experts in the field, a growing number of institutional partnerships, and internship opportunities for students.
  • Close proximity to the Onondaga County Wallie Howard Jr. Center for Forensic Sciences, and numerous relationships with local and federal forensic organizations.

What Can I Do With a Forensic Science Degree?

A degree in forensic science will prepare graduates to work in a variety of settings:

  • Federal Executive Branch
  • Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services
  • State Government
  • Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories
  • Local Government
  • Law

The many career paths include jobs such as:

  • Forensic Science Technician
  • Court Psychologists
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Forensic Microscopists
  • Medicolegal Death Investigators
  • Forensic Anthropologist
  • Paralegal

Degree Information

Students who complete the program will earn a bachelor’s degree (B.S.) in Biology or Chemistry from Le Moyne, and a master of science degree (M.S.) in Forensic Science from Syracuse University.

Application Process:

Students must apply to this program before the end of their junior year. A selection committee will then interview and select potential students. To be eligible, students must maintain an average GPA of at least 3.0 throughout their undergraduate studies.

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