Why Study Faith & Social Justice at Le Moyne?

The faith and social justice interdisciplinary minor provides interested students the opportunity to engage intellectually and practically the Jesuit emphasis on the service of faith and the promotion of justice. Through the exploration of various conceptions of faith, theoretical and religious perspectives on justice, social and political justice issues, and Catholic social thought, students will develop a deeper understanding of the relationship of faith and justice and their role in creating a more just society.


Students pursuing a minor in faith and social justice at Le Moyne College gain a rich, interdisciplinary understanding of the various meanings of faith and social justice and a chance to investigate their impact on a variety of significant moral and social issues affecting the world. Students also explore the interconnections between faith and social justice and their own engagement with social justice concerns and actions as well as the potential impact on their chosen careers.

Comparative analysis, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are key components of the program.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial

Who Can Benefit?
  • Students of any major
  • Students interested in attending graduate school
  • Students interested in social or environmental justice
  • Students interested in a credential that complements their major and future career (e.g., aspiring educators, lawyers, social entrepreneurs, journalists, medical practitioners, social workers)


THE 210 Faith and the Roots of Social Justice (3 credits)
REL 425 Faith that Does Justice (3 credits)

Three of the following courses (3 credits each):

BSC 111 Ecology and Environment
ESS 260 Sustainability
ECO 322 Economics of Crime and Punishment
ECO 335 Economics of Poverty
HON 320 The World of the Other
PHL 358 Philosophy of Race
PHL 361 Evil, Freedom, and God
PSC 296 Power and Justice
PSC 329 Self, Society, and Justice
PSC 334 Social Activism
PSC 367 War, Peace, and Violence
REL 309 New Testament
REL 400 Religion, Conflict, Peace in African Context
SOC 241 Social Inequality
SOC 325 Poverty and Social Justice Legal System
SOC 396 Race, Gender, Justice
THE 175 Catholic Theology
THE 332 Catholic Social Thought

Meet Fred Glennon, Ph.D.

Since arriving at the College in 1992, Professor Glennon has developed numerous innovative courses, including Ethics from the Perspective of the Oppressed and Church and State in Comparative Perspective, which includes a two-week short-term study abroad experience in Italy. He is the author of numerous journal articles and, with other members of the Religious Studies department, published Introduction to the Study of Religion, now in its second edition.