Dance Minor

Dance Minor

Dance is an art form that transcends culture, class, race, and religion. To that end, dance at 新加坡六合彩官网 is open to students of all majors and levels of experience. Students seeking engagement in intellectual, artistic, social, creative, and physical learning will find dance at Le Moyne rewarding. The Department of Visual and Performing Arts specializes in training the whole artist. Our Dance Minor program is designed to foster student growth in dance technique; provide choreographic and performance training; and develop knowledge of dance artistry, and of dance in cultural context. Through their participation in a variety of fun and challenging classes, or within our active extra-curricular dance ensembles, our Dance Minor students develop intellectually, physically and artistically in a supportive and social environment.

The Dance Minor program is a great environment for students interested in exploring the fundamentals of dance and its historical and social relevance. This Minor offers the student an opportunity to explore multiple approaches to physical expression while intellectually investigating dance in its broader context. Dance Minor students are asked to fulfill six (6) credits in the Dance Minor core, and a further nine (9) credits through various electives.

Dance Courses and Requirements

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National Water Dance 2020

Dance Choreography Class

Ruth Arena's Dance Choreography class worked hard to turn the National Water Dance event into a digital experience.

They created a short movie to celebrate their hard work while staying safe. Congrats to all those involved, and thanks to Ruth for coordinating all this!

Dance Commercial

Watch our video, join us, and dance! Meet our Faculty! 

Feel free to contact one of us, and we'll be happy to get back to you.

Le Moyne Student Dance Company


The Le Moyne Student Dance Company was organized in 1995 by students seeking on-campus opportunities in dance and performance. The student-run group presents a concert at the end of each semester, representing styles from tap, to jazz, to ballet, to modern. The Le Moyne Student Dancers also provide classes for those interested in choreography and workshops.

Dolphin Steppers

Dolphin Steppers

The Dolphin Steppers use various creative mediums, including step routines, to help bring about a greater understanding and appreciation for diversity on campus and the surrounding community. The theme of the Dolphin Steppers is Unity through Diversity. The participants of this student-run ensemble consider themselves educators as well as performers and have public performances every semester.