Is Graduate School Right for You?

Your next step in your career journey may involve additional training and education. For many, graduate school is the next step in becoming a skilled professional. Before you begin applying to graduate programs, you will need to take an honest self-inventory of your career goals. Utilize the resources below to begin this process, including our. 


Will graduate education help you with your career goals?

Advanced education is focused more on a specific area of interest and acquiring specialized skills to practice in a profession or undertake advanced research. If you have a profession in mind that you are excited to pursue, and it requires advanced education, then you're probably an excellent candidate for graduate school. 

Does your career require an advanced degree?

Some careers may require you to have advanced education and hold a master's degree. If you are unsure if your chosen career requires further education, ask potential future employers if a particular degree from the programs you're looking into would be considered preferred, required, or irrelevant. 

Are you ready to commit to graduate school?

A master's degree typically takes two years, a doctorate five to seven years, and professional school anywhere from two to seven years or more. The funding for graduate programs is different, and you may or may not have the resources you had as an undergraduate. You will need to procure additional finances for the degree(s), spend additional years out of the work force, and attend classes and conduct research in your chosen field.

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